Rental Pipeline Recompression Unit

Recover Product, Reduce Flaring, and Increase Savings

As a world leader in advanced combustion and environmental solution systems, Zeeco is continuously taking steps to help customers increase efficiencies and savings while reducing or eliminating methane emissions. Zeeco offers mobile rental compression services that allow gasses to be evacuated from a pressurized system and recompressed for relocation to an adjacent pipeline or other pressurized systems for reuse. 


How it Works

ZEECO recompression units connect to your pressurized systems, whether it is a small section of pipe, large transmission pipelines, or pressure vessels. Pressurized gasses are piped to Zeeco's recompression unit and can be sent to an adjacent pipeline at a designated discharge pressure. The source pressure can be 1000 psig or greater and reduced as low as 5 psig. Any gas that remains in your pressurized system following this process can be destroyed with a Zeeco portable combustion device to further minimize emissions and your carbon footprint.

Why Recompression?

Choosing to recompress and divert gas to an adjacent pipeline or storage system is a step toward future-proofing your operation against environmental regulations. Most regulations now require operators to flare waste gasses rather than vent. However, flaring still increases your operation’s carbon footprint. Because little to no flaring is needed with Zeeco’s recompression system, operators can mitigate the methane released to the environment, helping to achieve their net-zero emissions goals.

Recompression Benefits Include:

  • Ensure zero routine flaring
  • Mitigate methane
  • Minimize emissions
  • Save on costs
  • Recover product
  • Decompression of system with low noise and no visible flame
  • Meet or exceed environmental and safety regulations

Pair Recompression Equipment With a ZEECO Combustion System

Partnering with Zeeco for rental compression equipment means you also have access to our full line of rental combustion equipment, allowing you to destroy any residual waste gas, in many cases resulting in a 99.99% reduction in methane emissions when compared to venting alone. See why so many turn to Zeeco during equipment maintenance, emergency shutdowns, or turnaround projects in our Global Rentals video.