Thought Leadership Forum | Hydrogen Fuel & Emissions Reducing Burner Technology

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On the fourth installment of our Thought Leadership series, Zeeco experts will explore hydrogen-fired burners, lowering NOx and CO emissions, and the latest advancements in burner technology.

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New GHG emissions regulations are going into effect, and Zeeco is committed to providing resources, technology, and support to help companies comply. In our next Thought Leadership Forum, Zeeco experts will discuss two of the most abundant greenhouse gases in the earth's atmosphere (CO2 and methane), identify key areas of focus to reduce emissions of those GHGs in the oil and gas industry, and evaluate tools available today to help meet climate goals.

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Meet our Panelists

Darton Zink

President & CEO

Nigel Palfreeman

Managing Director, Zeeco Europe

Eric Pratchard

General Manager Process & Duct Burners

John Guarco

Technical Director Boiler Burners